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Achieves Results

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Selection Criteria Example 1

Achieves Results:

  • Identifies and uses resources wisely
  • Responds positively to change
  • Takes responsibility for managing work projects to achieve results

I believe the ability to achieve results is based on an individual’s drive to perform and excel at requirements and necessary tasks. My experience as a high achiever incorporates the ability to evaluate programs and policies and hold myself personally accountable for the outcome of an endeavour and the continual improvement of the processes for which I am involved.

Identifies and uses resources wisely

My work as an environmental engineer presented many challenges to achieving results. Our company, (Company), had multiple client projects which were high profile and had several industry and government projects of high priority. I was responsible for identifying opportunities for improvement, making effective use of individual and team capabilities, and negotiating responsibility for business outcomes while staying responsible to changes in requirements. To do this, I developed the necessary structures to achieve results by monitoring quality control, performing technical and administrative operations, and scheduling of work and tasks for subordinate engineering technicians and administrative support personnel. I developed indicators that were critical to quality or critical to project success in order to develop an initial project plan and evaluate results on an ongoing basis.

Responds positively to change

A contributing factor to achieving results is my ability to steer and redirect change as needed while dealing with uncertainty. During times of uncertainty I establish clear plans and deadlines including deployment of critical path methods, baseline reports, and team reports to develop real-time mitigation plans for issues that arise. I try to always respond in a positive and flexible manner to change and uncertainty and also help others adapt by sharing information where appropriate.

Takes responsibility for managing work projects to achieve results

When working on a project I always monitor the project progress and adjust the plans as required, seeing the project through to completion. While working with a client on a development consisting of a pre-existing multi-building campus, my company were performing required environmental and hazardous waste removal and disposal. While reviewing the hazardous waste manifests, I noticed there were chemicals that had been removed without being listed on the manifests. I investigated and discovered that the subcontractor had removed the chemicals from the site even though they were required to be disposed of by a registered environmental disposal company. I adjusted the project plan to incorporate the chemical recovery and re-disposal and documented this procedure to adhere to environmental regulations. The developer commented that no one else would have caught the oversight, and it would have resulted in significant environmental fines but ultimately tarnishing the image of the final development project.

I demonstrate a passion for consistently meeting at or above the desired level of results. I always show a commitment to continuous improvement and maintain focus, intensity, and drive. I have successfully managed situations where I experienced significant challenges and barriers and was able to effectively and efficiently rectify the situation. Being cognisant of the required results for the project allows me to provide a higher level of customer satisfaction in environmental and sustainability projects.

Selection Criteria Example 2

This is an example of a criterion with a strict 250 word limit, as requested in the selection documentation.

PLEASE NOTE: Usually this amount of writing is not enough for a government job application, the only situation that it would be this short is if there is a word or page limit specified in the job ad or selection documentation.

To see this example expanded into a full one page response, download our free selection criteria ebook.

Achieves Results

My strong record of success in a variety of settings throughout my career shows my capacity to deliver quality outcomes on time and budget. Fundamental to these roles is an essential ability to deliver results.

My key results at the executive level have been achieved by identifying and harnessing resources, setting direction and implementing appropriate strategies. When I first joined the department, one of our key delivery areas was not meeting its KPI and its deliverables were considerably below standard. I restructured the staff of 20 in this area into four distinct teams, each with a team leader who was given a mandate to upskill the staff in the team, champion the goals, motivate staff to achieve outcomes and closely monitor performance.

My leadership in former positions has achieved the following results against key performance indicators:

  • Identification and procurement of resources for the X initiative at 75% of budget allocation
  • Review of staffing for initiative Y and recommended restructure for a salary savings and funding reallocation of over $800,000 per annum
  • Implementation of a risk management plan against perceived funding threats for initiative Y
  • Elimination of scope creep and reduction in scheduled time frame by 30% for project Z associated with the Z initiative

How to Address This Kind of Selection Criteria

I think nearly everyone has seen this selection criteria raise its head as more government departments adopt capability frameworks and integrate them into their recruitment processes.

If you haven't come across this one yet, you probably will soon!

The biggest concern applicants approach me with in regards to this criterion is when it comes with sub-points, like the example above.

How Do You Set Out a Criterion With Sub-points?

Should you address each point as a separate criterion? Have headings for each sub-point? Just cover the points, but not mention them specifically? If a normal selection criteria statement is about a page long, does this one need to be three pages long?

The answer: there really aren't any hard and fast rules, so you can be flexible and organise your response depending upon the job you are applying for and things that you will be writing about (unless of course it specifies in the selection documentation how you should write your examples). And generally, you don't need to address each point separately.

However, it can help if you highlight these sub-points in some way so that the selection panel knows where to find information in your application and can clearly see that you've addressed all part of the selection criterion.

What Should You Write About?

Look at our list of achieves results 'what to write about' questions and ideas here.

Need More Examples?

Our ebook Selection Criteria Exposed contains 200 examples of statements addressing selection criteria including a variety of responses to the 'Achieves Results' criterion. It has been produced for applicants in a hurry, and without the time to spend writing lengthy selection criteria statements. Take a look!

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