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Government Jobs in Tasmania

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If you are looking for a government job in Tasmania, the State Government is your best bet.

According to its last audit, the Tasmanian State Service employed approximately 23,000 people and is the biggest single employer within Tasmania.

As a point of interest, the two largest occupational groups are Nurses and Teachers who currently account for approximately 9000 employees or 36% of the total Tasmanian State Service employees.

Tasmanian Government departments are increasingly using employment registers to fill temporary vacancies, and in doing so are moving to a more flexible workforce.  These registers are used if a group of casual or fixed term vacancies arise, but they are also used to fill individual vacancies sometimes. Government Agencies either maintain registers of people looking for particular categories of employment independently, or have Job Network providers maintain registers on their behalf.

A list of the Agencies that maintain fixed-term employment registers can be found at

If you want to know more about conditions of service or the legal framework of employment within the Tasmanian State Government, at the time of publishing the State Service Act 2000 ( provides the employment framework for employment within the Tasmania State Government, which is referred to the “State Service”. The State Service Act is supplemented by the State Service Regulations 2001 (the Regulations), Commissioner's Directions, and Ministerial Directions and Determinations.

Council Jobs in Tasmania

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The Commonwealth Government in Tasmania

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There are relatively few Commonwealth Government positions in Tasmania, but there are still occasionally some vacancies.

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