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Selection Criteria Exposed

200 Examples of Statements Addressing Selection Criteria

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  • Answers 200 of the most common advertised government selection criteria and core capabilities.
  • Cut and paste attention grabbing, expertly worded sentences, phrases and paragraphs.
  • Never wonder what your selection criteria should look like again.
  • Includes real selection criteria that have won people jobs, written by professional resume writers and marketing experts .
  • Vetted by a senior government recruiter and selection panel coach.
  • Covers a range of competencies and is suitable for all occupations.
  • 150,000 words / 532 A4 pages.
  • Selection Criteria Exposed is an ebook available for instant download.

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Selection Criteria Exposed:

200 of the Most Common Government Selection Criteria
The Ultimate Government Application Guide

No matter what kind of position you are applying for. No matter what level it is at.

The selection criteria examples in the book Selection Criteria Exposed have been selected from thousands of criteria written by recruitment experts, professional writers, marketing experts and people who have won real jobs.

All of the examples in Selection Criteria Exposed have been reviewed by government selection panels and judged as being the benchmark for what high performing selection criteria should look like.

Give yourself an advantage over the other applicants.
Save time and have your application stand out.

Has This Happened to You?

You find a job you are interested in, get all excited, look at the selection documentation and know you could do the job, already have a resume that you could send in, start writing the selection criteria ... and get stuck.

So many people begin like that. They find the dream job, imagine themselves in the position, know they could do it, get excited about the promotion and higher salary package, have a resume already to go, get ready to write their selection criteria but can't start because they don't know how to go about it or don't finish because it all gets too hard. Maybe you cut and paste from an old application in the hopes that you can get it to fit into these new selection criteria. Maybe you talk to a friend and get some suggestions, or take a look at one of their old applications. What ends up happening is that you waste so much time looking for the magic answer to your selection criteria woes, that you don't get anything written.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Save time and get your stand out application finished.

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Selection criteria examples

Why Selection Criteria Exposed is the Best Resource for Your Next
Government Job Application:

  1. Because government departments use this ebook to train their own staff
  2. Because selection criteria writers use it to write selection criteria for their clients
  3. Because it has been reviewed by a government selection panel who knows what makes the best selection criteria
  4. Because thousands of applicants have used it and been successful in securing a government job.
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A Look Inside...

Updated in 2021, the 4th edition of Selection Criteria Exposed now has OVER 200 examples.

Section 1

Over 200 Selection Criteria Examples.

  • 195 examples of traditional selection criteria statements: one page to three quarters of a page of written claims addressing each selection criteria.
  • 80 examples of short selection criteria with a 250-word limit: some of these have been condensed from their full-length counterpart so you can see how to condense or expand your statements depending upon the application requirements.

Section 2

1 and 2 page statements of claims - NEW in Selection Criteria Exposed's 4th edition

  • Examples of 1 and 2 page statements of claims.
  • When selection criteria need to be written within a cover letter,
  • When you need write a 1 or 2 page pitch,
  • When you need to write an expression of interest,
  • Or when your application has a strict page limit.

Section 3

Over 700 paragraphs to use in your application - NEW in Selection Criteria Exposed's 4th edition

  • Extracted paragraphs from sections 1 & 2 sorted by competency area.
  • Makes it easier to mix and match paragraphs for your own statements.
  • The number #1 request from users of our previous 3 editions of this book, and brand new in this updated 4th edition!

Success Stories

Now I know exactly what I should be writing without staring at a blank computer screen and hoping for success through trial and error.

I wish I had bought this ebook 12 months earlier because I discovered that I was writing my selection criteria wrong for a whole year. I can't believe I wasted all that time and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting an interview.

Some of the sentences in your book are genius. I hope you don't mind me saying that I cut and paste them straight into my application!

Thank you for sending out the selection criteria examples straight away. Even though your website says I can download them instantly, I thought I would be waiting at least a day to have them emailed to me. I actually had them open on my computer within a few minutes which is great because my application is due on Monday.

Selection Criteria Exposed was the best investment I made all year. I used your examples to help with my own application and got a promotion! I'm so happy, thanks.

I have found Selection Criteria Exposed incredibly helpful when writing my own statements addressing selection criteria. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to write, but now I know and I am much more confident with my applications.

I just wanted to let you know that I got an interview for my 'dream job' after using Selection Criteria Exposed to help me with my selection criteria. I am sure it's what got me over the line, because there is no way I would have written an application like that on my own! I am about to buy Get That Job to help with my interview preparation.
Alexander H

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You Get All of This:

All of these documents, plus more, combined into one handy PDF that you can have on your computer in less than 10 minutes.

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Free ebook How To Write Impressive Resumes and Cover Letters

Don't neglect your cover letter or resume by focussing just on your selection criteria!

This free ebook will help you write a strong cover letter and targeted resume that will support your selection criteria statements and give you a powerful government job application.

resume templates

3 free selection criteria government resume and cover letter MSWord templates

Just fill in the blanks in these cover letter and resume templates. Plus, selection criteria templates that contain selection criteria examples plus step by step guidance for writing your own selection criteria responses.


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The Selection Criteria That Are Covered
in Selection Criteria Exposed:

Please note: A duplicate title means that this is a popular criterion and more than one response has been provided in the book.
The numbers refer to the number of the selection criterion, not the page number.


Selection criteria statements that are either full length (three quarters of a page to a full page) or short selection criteria (with a 250 word limit - indicated by "short response").

Acquire new knowledge / skills

1. Fast learner
1b. Fast learner (short response)
2. Acquire knowledge
2b. Acquire knowledge (short response)
3. Develop skills
3b. Develop skills (short response)

Achieves results

4. Achieve results
4b. Achieve results (short response)
5. Achieve results
6. Achieve results
6b. Achieve results (short response)
7. Achieve results
8. Achieve results
9. Deliver results
9b. Deliver results
10. Achieve outcomes
11. Achieve positive work outcomes (short response)


12. General administration
13. General administration
13b. General administration (short response)
14. Administration skills
15. Administration and reception
16. Complex administrative functions
16b. Complex administration functions (short response)
17. Procedures and systems
17b. Procedures and systems (short response)
18. Procedures and systems
19. Executive secretarial support
20. Transcription
21. Keyboard skills
21b. Keyboard skills (short response)
22. Office management (short response)

Analytical skills / attention to detail

23. Analytical skills
23b. Analytical skills (short response)
24. Analytical and conceptual skills
25. Analytical and conceptual skills (short response)
26. Attention to detail
27. Attention to detail
28. Attention to detail
29. Interpret, organise and use numerical data
30b. Analyse data (short response)
31. Statistical analysis / research
32. Attention to detail

Change management

33. Change management
34. Change management
34b. Change management (short response)

Communication skills

35. Communicate with influence
35b. Communicate with influence (short response)
36. Communicate with influence
36b. Communicate with influence
37. Communicate with influence
38. Resolve issues
39. Verbal, written and interpersonal skills
40. Verbal, written and interpersonal skills
40b. Verbal, written and interpersonal skills (short response)
41. Communication and interpersonal skills with client focus
42. Open communication
42b. Open communication (short response)
43. Communicate technical information
44. Produce media materials
45. Produce complex written information
46. Produce information products
47. Prepare reports, policy papers and briefings
47b. Prepare reports, policy papers and briefings (short response)
48. Prepare high-level correspondence and briefings
49. Document research
50. Communicate in a variety of contexts
50b. Communicate in a variety of contexts (short response)

Contract management

51. Contract management
52. Contract management

Customer service

53. Customer service skills
53b. Customer service skills (short response)
54. Customer service focus
54b. Customer service focus (short response)
55. Customer service in a challenging environment
56. Phone-based customer service
57. Achieve customer satisfaction
57b. Achieve customer satisfaction (short response)
58. Quality service delivery
59. Achieve sales targets


60. Make complex decisions
60b. Make complex decisions (short response)
61. Make difficult decisions
61b. Make difficult decisions (short response)
62. Decision-making and strategic thinking
63. Decision-making

Graphic Design

64. Experience as a graphic designer
65. Demonstrate experience in graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite 6 to develop concepts and deliver press-ready artwork


66. Undertake engineering design tasks
67. Document engineering design tasks
68. Control engineering projects
69. Undertake engineering tasks (short response)

Occupational Health and Safety / Values

70. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
70b. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (short response)
71. Manage Occupational Health and Safety risks
72. Apply Occupational Health and Safety measures
73. APS values and department values
74. APS values and department values
74b. APS values and department values (short response)
75. An understanding of and commitment to the principles of equity and diversity
76. Code of conduct
76b. Code of conduct (short response)
77. Knowledge of, and commitment to, workplace diversity, Occupational Health and Safety
and consultative work practices
78. Knowledge and understanding of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
79. Knowledge and understanding of Ethnic Affairs Priorities Statements (EAPS)
80. Apply Occupational Health and Safety measures


81. Finance experience
81b. Finance experience
82. Financial business practices and processes
83. Accounting
84. Process financial transactions
85. Health service management
86. Mental health services
87. Nursing
87b. Nursing (short response)
88. Nursing
89. Patient-focused care
89b. Patient-focused care (short response)
90. The ability to manage the workloads of yourself and others in a healthcare setting
91. Psychology registration (short response)
92. Medical administration / reception

Human Resources

93. Generalist Human Resources
94. Recruitment
94b. Recruitment (short response)

Information Management

95. Records management
95b. Records management (short response)
96. Electronic file management systems

Information Technology

97. Computer literacy
98. Computer literacy
99. Computer literacy (short response)
100. Word processing and database skills
100b. Word processing and database skills (short response)
101. Word processing and database skills
102. Financial software
103. Write systems specifications
103b. Write systems specifications (short response)
104. IT support
104b. IT support (short response)
105. Maintain and support a network environment
106. WC3 web standards and web technologies including HTML, XHTML and CSS
107. Website development
108. SAP Basis Operations, SAP Transport Mechanisms and SAP in a Microsoft Server environment
109. Database administration
109b. Database administration (short response)
110. Installation, configuration and maintenance of UNIX and Windows operating systems.

Interpersonal Skills

111. Cultivate productive working relationships
111b. Cultivate productive working relationships (short response)
112. Cultivate productive working relationships
113. Support and cultivate productive working relationships
114. Support and cultivate productive working relationships
115. Support and cultivate productive working relationships
116. Build strategic partnerships
117. Solid skills in client engagement
118. Collaborate with others
244 118b. Collaborate with others (short response)
119. Manage difficult people
120. Manage relationships
121. Manage relationships
122. Consult at all levels
123. Consult at all levels
123b. Consult at all levels (short response)
124. Work in a joint service environment

Inventory Management / Logistics

125. Inventory management
125b. Inventory management (short response)
126. Logistics
126b. Logistics (short response)


127. Legal experience that would allow the incumbent to perform the duties of the role

Legislation, Guidelines AND Compliance

128. Business acumen
128b. Business acumen (short response)
129. Certified agreements
130. Interpret legislation and policy
130b. Interpret legislation and policy (short response)
131. Australian electoral legislation
132. Corporate governance
132b. Corporate governance (short response)

Machinery of Government

133. Local government


134. Commercial acumen
135. Management experience
135b. Management experience (short response)
136. Management experience
137. Leadership capacity
137b. Leadership capacity (short response)
138. Stress management
138b. Stress management (short response)
139. Commercial knowledge (short response)

Marketing and Communications

140. Communications, media and large-scale events
141. Manage media, advertising, internet, printing and merchandise
142. Development, management and implementation of communication advice, strategies and plans

Personal Skills: Integrity, Initiative, Flexibility, Confidentiality, Empathy, Etc.

143. Personal drive and integrity
143b. Personal drive and integrity (short response)
44. Personal drive and integrity
144b. Personal drive and integrity
144c. Personal drive and integrity
145. Display personal drive and integrity
146. Personal drive and integrity
147. Initiative / proactiveness
148. Initiative and flexibility
148b. Initiative and flexibility (short response)
149. Flexibility. Write about a situation when you had to adjust quickly to changes in your organisational or departmental priorities. (Targeted question)
150. Confidentiality
151. Confidentiality
151b. Confidentiality (short response)
152. Continuous improvement
153. Empathy
153b. Empathy (short response)

Policy Management / Development

154. Develop policy
154b. Develop policy (short response)
155. Develop policy and procedures
156. Develop policy and provide advice
157. Provide policy advice
157b. Provide policy advice (short response)


158. Problem-solving
159. Develop solutions
159b. Develop solutions (short response)


160. Procurement knowledge
160b. Procurement knowledge (short response)
161. Procurement knowledge
162. Procurement experience
163. Procurement experience

Project Management

164. Project management experience
164b. Project management experience (short response)
165. Project management experience
166. Manage multiple initiatives
167. Produce project schedules
167b. Produce project schedules (short response)

Risk Management / Quality Assurance

168. Risk management experience
169. Knowledge of risk management
169b. Knowledge of risk management (short response)
170. Quality assurance
170b. Quality assurance (short response)
171. Security planning

Social Work

172. Social work experience
173. Social work experience (short response)

Strategic Skills

174. Strategic direction
174b. Strategic direction (short response)
175. Strategic direction
175b. Strategic direction (short response)
175c. Strategic direction
176. Strategic direction
176b. Strategic direction (short response)
177. Strategic thinking
177b. Strategic thinking (short response)
178. Strategic thinking
179. Strategic influencing
179b. Strategic influencing (short response)
180. Strategic planning (to manage risk)


181. Supervise staff
181b. Supervise staff (short response)
182. Supervise staff
183. Plan workloads
183b. Plan workloads (short response)

Teaching / Learning AND Development

184. Teaching experience 185. Teaching experience 186. Teaching K-6 187. Monitor and improve learning 188. Develop training 189. Deliver learning and development programs


190. Work in a team
191. Work in a team
191b. Work in a team (short response)
192. Work in a team or as an individual
192b. Work in a team or as an individual (short response)
193. Collaborate
194. Work in a team: What are the most important factors when working as part of a team and how do you believe you possess these attributes? (Targeted question)

Time Management

195. Planning skills
196. Organisational skills
197. Organisational skills (short response)
198. Organisational skills and confidentiality
199. Time management
199b. Time management (short response)
200. Manage priorities
200b. Manage priorities (short response)

Working as an Individual

201. Work as an individual
201b. Work as an individual (short response)
202. Take ownership
203. Work with limited supervision
203b. Work with limited supervision (short response)


This section contains statements in the form of one or two page letters or pitches. They are used where a one or two page limit is imposed, or selection criteria are asked to be addressed in a cover letter. Due to the limitless array of criteria combinations, a template has been included, together with numerous examples.

Letter template
204. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
205. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
206. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
207. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
208. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
209. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
210. Two-page letter / statement / pitch
211. One-page letter / statement / pitch
212. One-page letter / statement / pitch
213. One-page letter / statement / pitch
214. One-page letter / statement / pitch
215. One-page letter / statement / pitch
216. One-page letter / statement / pitch


This section contains paragraph extracts from the previous two sections of the book, sorted by competency area. This is the best place to find generic sentences and paragraphs that can be used in your application, and tailored to your needs.

Paragraphs – introduction
Acquire new knowledge / skills
Achieve results
Analytical skills / attention to detail
Change management
Communication – general
Communication – oral
Communication – written
Communication – communicate with influence
Communication – negotiation / persuasive skills
Contract management
Corporate governance
Customer service / client focus
Occupational Health and Safety
Values / code of conduct
Human Resources
Information management
Information technology
Interpersonal skills / working relationships
Inventory management / logistics
Legislation, guidelines and compliance
Marketing Personal drive and integrity
Confidentiality and empathy
Initiative and continuous improvement
Time management / organisational skills / prioritising
Policy management / development
Project management
Risk management / quality assurance
Social work
Strategic skills
Staff management / supervision
Teaching / learning and development
Working as an individual

That's well OVER 200 examples!