South Australian State Government Jobs

Government Jobs in SA

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Positions in the South Australian public sector are advertised in the Notice of Vacancies (  Many positions are available only to current public sector employees, however the public can apply for positions advertised in the public press.  Positions open to the public are marked (Advt) in the Notice of Vacancies.

Non-ongoing, or temporary positions of three months or less are often advertised on Australian JobSearch ( or through a Job Network provider.  If you are interested in working in a particular agency, check with their HR section as to which method they use to fill temporary vacancies, and how they source their temporary staff.

Graduate recruitment is administered by

Commonwealth Government Jobs in South Australia

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While most people tend to think of Commonwealth Government jobs being located in Canberra, there are a lot of positions available in other states, particularly in the capitals, and even in some regional centres.

Council Jobs

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Council jobs are the most overlooked government jobs in South Australia. Take a look, you might be surprised at what kind of opportunities you find!

If you want to go straight to your local council to see what opportunities they have, you can find a list of councils in SA here.

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