Salary Surveys

How much are you worth?

Salary surveys can give a unique insight into what different occupations and industries pay their staff. You can use these surveys to see what you should be paid in your current role, and what you can expect if you get a promotion.

Also note how salaries change over time. Steep increases in salary indicate that the occupation is in demand, and a slow rise shows that there is probably an over supply of employees in this area.

Michael Page Salary Survey
Covers banking, accounting, engineering, procurement and supply chain, human resources, legal, sales, marketing and technology.

Hays Salary Survey
Covers accounting and finance, professional practice, banking, insurance, office support, contact centres, human resources, sales and marketing, logistics, procurement, legal, information technology, construction, engineering, property, resources and mining.

Robert Walters Global Salary Survey
Covers various industries throughout Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

How do government salaries compare?

Read the Australian Public Service (Commonwealth Government) Remuneration Report here.

The Australia Public Service Commission provide an annual public service remuneration report that shows agency specific and Australian Public Service-wide data. This data informs and influences agencies on their remuneration practices, and it is also useful for those entering the public service to see salary standards.

It's important to remember that government salaries don't necessarily correlate with private sector salaries. As a general guide, lower level positions within the APS are paid higher than their private sector counterparts, and high-level positions are paid lower than their private sector counterparts.

So, the higher up the career ladder you go the less you will be paid, compared to someone in a similar role who does not work for the government. This varies across agencies and the industry that the position is located within.

Employment Indexes

How much in demand is your occupation?

Employment indexes will keep you up to date on increases and decreases in job vacancy advertising and hot industries.  Where does your occupation fit?

SEEK Employment Report

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