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New South Wales Government Jobs

The NSW Public Sector consists of approximately 80 government departments and statutory authorities.

Finding a Vacancy

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Certain positions are also advertised in Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph, regional newspapers and on  other internet career  sites such as Seek and MyCareer, but ALL positions are advertised on the above websites.  This is usually determined by each individual hiring manager, so there are n  definitive guidelines as to which positions  will appear in the paper or o  other internet career  sites.  In Sydney newspapers most  jobs are advertised on Saturdays, with health jobs appearing  on Thursdays, and IT jobs appearing on Mondays and Tuesdays.

You can also ring the  NSW Government Job Line  (within NSW only) on 1800 626 674 for permanent or temporary work. Outside of NSW call 02 9743 7200.

Vacation employment, which can be paid or unpaid, is an excellent way to get your first job in the public service. Vacation employment allows you to “get your foot in the door” and learn government policies and processes so that   you are better equipped when you apply for a permanent  position.  Vacation employment is generally administered by each individual agency.

Ex  NSW public  servants   who  accepted  Redundancy  Packages  or  who  have  been   dismissed  due  to
misconduct may also face restrictions  on re-entry.

Conditions of Service

Most departments and  agencies   provide  pay and  conditions  under  their  own legislation, industrial award or agreement. You should check with the Human Resources area of the department or agency to see if other  arrangements apply.

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