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Using a Common Standard to Judge Applicants

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Recruitment Services for Selection Panels

We assist government agencies in the recruitment and selection of their staff in two key areas:

1.  Knowledge support - including internal recruitment policy development, merit selection training, staff handbooks and innovative recruitment strategies that attract quality applicants in a labour short market. 

This can include training sessions for employees wanting to sit on a selection panel for the first time, and training sessions on resume writing and writing selection criteria statements for your internal employees wanting to apply for a transfer or promotion.

2.  Process support - including independent panel member, scribe and coaching roles.

Services for Recruitment Agencies

From time to time we run training seminars for Recruitment Agencies.  These seminars outline the basics of government recruitment:

  • Marketing to government agencies.  How a consultant should operate when recruiting for a government agency, why government work is so hard to win, the marketing strategies you should be employing to overcome this and one small change you can make to your services to ensure they keep coming back for more.
  • Government recruitment processes.  How they differ, why they differ and why traditional private sector recruiting practices just don't cut it.  Find out what services you should be offering to government clients and how you should be recruiting for them.
  • Government legislation and governing bodies.  Where you can find more information about government staffing policies and guidelines and stay up to date with changes.  Make sure you know more than your clients!

Contact us for more information on how to register a seminar or information session for your organisation, or to find out how you can stop your competition gaining the same knowledge.

A Free Application Guide for your Applicants

We are able to provide you with a free guide to addressing selection criteria to put on your website for your job applicants. Not only will it improve the quality of the applications that you receive, but it will also act as a marketing and promotion tool, showing that you are an organisation who cares about it's applicants.

An extract from "Get That Job! The Best Guide to Applying for a Government Job" is available for eligible organisations to upload onto their website, free of charge. Publications can be tailored to your organisation's needs and include branding information.

Use the contact page to register your interest.