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The questions and answers below are for customers who have already purchased a publication.

If you have any other questions, try our frequently asked questions page.

You should receive an email immediately after your purchase with instructions for downloading your publication. Sometimes our emails go to junk / spam folders, so don't forget to check there.

Gmail users you email will probably be in your 'promotions' tab.

Hotmail users your email will probably be in your 'others' tab.

Contact us with your name and date of purchase and we'll re-activate your link for you.

You can use the email you received after your purchase to download the publication again. If you can't find your email and if your purchase was in the last 12 months, we can send it to you again. Contact us with the name and email address you used with purchasing, and the date of purchase.

Try downloading an updated version of Adobe Reader, free from This solves 99.9% of problems!

None of our publications have any restrictions or internal settings that would prevent you from printing them, so any printing problems will be either with your computer, your printer, or your network. All of our publications have been designed to be used on your computer; they have internal links to help you jump from section to section and links to external websites that will obviously not work if you print out the document. If you have your heart set on something in hard form, try printing the document in smaller sections (e.g pages 1-20, 20-40 etc) as some printers and networks struggle with large documents. Or, try downloading an updated version of Adobe Reader, free from If you are trying to print the publication in your workplace, try a different printer, or call your IT department - government departments often have restrictions on the kinds of documents that can be printed.

Instructions for downloading your publication straight onto your ipad / iphone are here, however we also strongly recommend that you download your ebook onto your computer as well, as a back up.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details on the purchase page are correct, including the publication you wish to buy. As our publications are electronic, it is impossible to return them.

Page 3 of The Selection Criteria Coach has all of the details you need for upgrading.

All of our publications are ebooks. This ensures quick delivery, you can be using your book within minutes of ordering. When there's an important job application to be written, time is of the essence!

All of our product information pages clearly state that the publication is an ebook (electronic publication) that is avilable for download.