Achieves Results Selection Criteria

Achieves Results; What to Write About

"Achieves Results" is a common competency used in capability frameworks and integrated leadership systems. It is making its way into selection criteria and this often oddly worded competency has the tendency to confuse applicants.

What exactly are you supposed to write about when asked about your ability to achieve results?

Below is a list of areas for you to explore that will help you write more about this competency.

The questions and skills below are a list of ideas only. Not all points listed will apply to the job you are applying for or the level of the position. Choosing points to include in your statements addressing the selection criteria should be determined by their match with the job description and selection documentation.

  • What results do you achieve in your job, day to day?
  • What are some longer term achievements you have accomplished?
  • Have you ever received an award, prize, certificate or commendation in your employment?
  • Have you ever received praises from a manager or co-worker?
  • How do you achieve operational efficiencies in your current job?
  • Write about a time that you have adapted processes for increased efficiency.
  • What are your job-related weaknesses and how do you overcome these?
  • Have you ever benchmarked your outcomes? What were the results?
  • Write about how you commit to action with every day tasks and also other issues that arise in the workplace.
  • When and how do you consult experts for their input and opinions? How do you see the strengths and potential of others to achieve outcomes?
  • Do you continually review progress? How do you do this? What review mechanisms do you use?
  • Write about how you contribute towards meeting the organisation's mission and vision. How do you stay focused on these?
  • What kinds of projects do you coordinate? Are your plans clear and realistic?
  • Write about how you deliver measurable results and meet key performance indicators (be specific and include figures).
  • Talk about contingency plans that you have developed.
  • Talk about the resources you manage, and how you manage them effectively.
  • Show how you harness emerging ways of doing things and how you are progressive in your thinking.
  • What barriers to success have you identified while doing your job? Have you identified gaps in the organisation's knowledge and skills? What did you do about it? How did it improve the efficiency and effectively of your organisation / work area?
  • Describe your proactive outlook. How are you proactive on a day to day basis? How are you proactive when it comes to longer term tasks / projects?
  • How do you inspire a quality focus amongst those you work with?
  • Do you meet all of your deadlines? Provide a few examples of the deadlines you have to meet and how you make sure you do. Do you have any KPIs to support your claims?
  • Have you ever been involved in an organisational change? What role did you take? How did you help the organisation move forward? How quickly did you embrace the change?
  • Write about how you manage and mitigate risks. How do you take calculated risks?
  • Do you take ownership of decisions and results? Provide an example.
  • What achievement are you most proud of?
  • How do your achievements, and your answers to the above questions effect your organisation?

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