About the Author

Vanessa Jordan

Vanessa Jordan is a qualified psychologist with more than 19 years professional recruiting experience both in the private and public sectors.

She has assessed in excess of 25,000 government applications, conducted over 2650 government interviews and worked with approximately 510 different selection panels when recruiting for all levels, from entry level to Agency Assistant Director.

Prior to working with the government, Vanessa conducted psychometric testing and interviews for private recruitment organisations and has seen over 2500 applicants for positions in the private sector.

She currently works as an Independent Government Recruitment Consultant and assists various government departments across Australia implement and improve their recruitment policies, practices and strategies. Vanessa works with both agency heads, and their HR professionals in various states to recruit to the highest standards, ensuring the public service is staffed by qualified and capable personnel. She also provides training to recruitment delegates, selection panels and runs courses for those wanting to apply for a government job or promotion.

Vanessa is frustrated that many candidates aren't winning the position they deserve to, and has consequently written a series of three best selling e-books that are helping applicants all over Australia discover and win the jobs of their dreams.

If you need to get that job, you should read one of her selection criteria books.