Choosing a Resume or Selection Criteria Writer

When selecting a resume writer you should consider the following:

Does the provider have a phone number so you can contact them, or will they phone you?  You should ring them, have a chat and feel comfortable with their ability to complete your application before committing.  Providers that only use email may be operating from overseas, and therefore aren't the best choice for completing your Australian government application.

Make sure you are aware of the cost and timelines upfront.  All credible providers will be able to give you a quote (based on your level of experience and the selection documentation) prior to you deciding to use them.  Do not choose a provider who charges an hourly fee and isn’t able to give you a solid indication of how long it will take them.

Has the writer ever worked as a public servant and sat on recruitment panels?  If the writer has never worked for the government then they have most likely never sat on a government recruitment panel.  How can they give you reliable advice if they have never assessed a government application before?

Is the writer a recruitment expert? Not only are you going to be paying for an application, you are going to be paying for advice on the best way to get the job.  Taking advice from someone who is not an expert in recruitment would be like getting advice on running a marathon from someone who has only ever watched marathons before.  You want advice from someone who has done it.

How recent is the writer’s government / recruitment experience and / or what have they done to keep up to date? Things change all the time and if the provider is writing your application based on how things were done ten years ago, it isn't going to help you now!

How many applications have they written?  Most selection criteria writers can handle no more than 15-20 applications per week.  That's about 800-1000 per year.  If your selection criteria writer has written less than 1000 applications, you know that they're not in it full time, or they haven't been in it for long.  Your selection criteria writer might boast 'hundreds of applications' which you think is impressive, but this is not really a lot if they are serious about their business and have a good solid history of helping people with their selection criteria. Your selection criteria writer should be boasting 'thousands of applications!!'

Professional memberships don’t necessarily add credibility.  There are a number of overseas organisations that offer easily obtained memberships or certifications for a fee, and these include Career Directors International and the Association of Online Resume and Career Professionals.  Again, almost anyone (even you!) can complete a short course and get Certified Advanced Resume Writer certification.  In Australia there is no regulatory body for resume writers and providers will often promote their memberships in order to gain your confidence. While these memberships show that the writer is serious about what they do, it does not mean they are the best writer.

Does the provider have testimonials? You have the right to ask for full written testimonials and customer feedback and not accept small excerpts that may be posted on websites.

The best way to find an application writer is to ask around for recommendations.

We have a team of great independent professional application/selection criteria writers that we can refer you to.  For details, please contact us.

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