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Get That Job! The Best Guide to Applying for a Government Job is our best selling e-book, with over 150 pages of powerful information to ensure your next application is a winner.

The author has assessed in excess of 10,000 government applications and conducted over 1800 government interviews.  She knows what works and what doesn't work, and has turned the results of her work into a powerful resource.  

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The Selection Criteria Coach: Selection Criteria in 5 Steps is an extract from Get That Job! and is for people who have to address selection criteria in a hurry.  

The Selection Criteria Coach guides applicants through a five step formula that produces responses to selection criteria infront of your eyes.

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Selection Criteria Exposed:
200 Examples of Statements Addressing Selection Criteria

200 full examples of selection criteria statements that you can use for inspiration in your own application.

Expertly crafted sentences, phrases and paragraphs for you to copy and paste into your own application.

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401 Interview Questions
is our second  "quick quide" - an informative, to the point a very affordable e-book.  

This guide lifts the lid on government interview questions by exploring 401 commonly used interview questions in public service interviews.

Perfect for your job interview preparation.  

Find out more here.

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