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free selection criteria examples

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In our free selection criteria examples ebook you can see how other applicants have written their applications and been successful in gaining an interview.

These samples have been extracted from our best selling ebook - 'Selection Criteira Exposed: 101 Examples of Statements Addressing Selection Criteria' to give you a sneek peek at what this book includes.

Looking at someone else's application will show you what criteria should look like in terms of formatting on a page, how long they should be, what information they should include and the right words to use.

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How to use these samples

What you can do is use the ideas that you find. Copy and paste some of the language and then change the words around. Or use a thesaurus to change some of the key words. Use the same structure but modify the language to suit your skills and experiece. And let the samples give you some great ideas of your own skills and experiences that you can write about.

Hopefully just by looking at this document you will learn something about how to write your own government job application, both in content and format.

While it might be tempting to copy and paste whole examples into your job application, it isn't recommended. What happens if someone else, who is applying for the same job, does exactly the same thing?  Technically selection panels aren't allowed to take you out of the process because you have the same application as someone else (unless it is stated in the selection documentation that your responses have to be original - and I have never come across that before). However, it may tarnish your reputation and leave the selection panel wondering. 

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